At eMbience we are proud to offer opportunities rarely found in the mobile industry.

A vibrant place to work:

Working on projects for some of the world’s largest companies, brands, handset manufacturers, mobile operators and wireless technology companies, means that life at eMbience is fast-paced, diverse and exciting.  Most of our staff are multi-lingual, and speak English as well as one or two Asian or Latin languages.

Personal on-boarding:

All new eMbience team members receive intensive training directly from their own department head, and in the eMbience way of doing things.  Our staff can nominate outside courses they wish to attend that they feel will add value to their position and the company as a whole.  We have paid for our staff to attend a range of courses, and many regularly travel overseas to fulfill requirements for, and manage projects for the company.

Reward and appreciation:

There is a culture and history of reward and appreciation at eMbience. Our staff are often presented with bonuses that recognize both individual and company performance. We always aim to recruit individuals who are hard workers, out-of-the-box thinkers, detail-oriented, and above all, have a great attitude and work ethic. We also have a knack in spotting our best performers and recognize them with rewards and promotions.  Challenging, encouraging, understanding and supportive…eMbience is a great place to work.


Want to find out more about the above position(s) or to proactively send in your resume along with a short pitch as to how you think you can add value? Email You should already hold valid work authorization in the country in which you are applying to work for us.