At eMbience we help you grow your business or brand by providing unrivalled cross-platform, end-to-end mobile solutions. We combine our superior, one-of-its-kind, eMp² technology platform with our experience and expertise to focus-in on you achieving and furthering your business objectives. Importantly, we do this while enabling you to engage your users, customers, and consumers with highly relevant, useful and future-friendly mobile apps, portals, tools and services.

Whether you already know why you should go mobile, or whether you need to understand how to integrate mobile much more deeply and widely across your organization, you should be partnered with a company at the forefront of the space for now and the long-term. With a team of over 60 experts not only based internationally, but also with international experience, we are such a partner. eMbience knows how to help you massively unlock what is in effect a revolution like that of the PC-era, while constantly researching, understanding and helping forge the future of mobile apps.


We offer end-to-end solutions, and a full-service from inception right through to the distribution of your apps, or any element in-between. We do this by leveraging and not duplicating your existing assets and network to therefore always keep your costs in check.


1. Best Strategic Partner

It’s all about our people and teams, and how we understand and execute on your requirements. We are an expert and forward-thinking strategic partner with our finger on the pulse of existing and future long-term opportunities and trends in the world of mobile. The merging of creativity, innovation and knowledge in addition to our unparalleled technical talent, all importantly underpinned by a business and branding savvy is an extremely powerful and unique combination. Whether you are a brand, agency, developer, publisher, operator, OEM or media company we have the understanding of what benefits you need, and the solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

2. Cross-Platform Expertise

It’s now of paramount importance to build and distribute apps for multiple devices and operating systems. We’ve spent the last five years building, evolving and perfecting our eMp² master technology platform to assist in the development and deployment of your apps seamlessly across the plethora of handsets, platforms/OS’s, and app stores or markets that exist. Whether it’s smart-phone or tablet OS’s such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile or the feature-phones such as BREW, J2ME, Java that still make up the majority of the global market, we have you covered.

3. Our Master Platform

eMp² is a robust and proprietary technology platform that is the envy of the industry. It has been built, and continually evolves, to not only endure but also harness the rapidly proliferating and highly fragmented mobile market. It gives us the capability to build apps that help you target everything from niche to mass markets. It allows you to communicate with just one company about targetting the majority of mobile phones and tablets on the market today. eMp² is one of the most tested and evolved platforms in the industry with over 50 successful deployments for over 30 satisfied clients, and millions of happy users. Our platform now runs on over 1000 different mobile device models, addressing over 90% of the available mobile devices currently sold through mobile operators globally.

4. Full Service

We offer a full-service from initial consultation, strategy and ideation right through to the development, deployment and distribution of your apps to a potential user and consumer audience of millions. We have a structured process of taking you through the following steps:
    • - Requirements Gathering
    • - Strategy/Ideation
    • - Design
    • - Development & Testing
    • - Deployment
    • - Distribution
    • - Additional Services: Porting, Content Management & Hosting

5. Economics & Speed

As many of today’s globally known brands have discovered, entrusting eMbience removes the complexity, cost, inconsistencies and risks of dealing with and trying to effectively manage multiple OS-specific, developer-only providers. It allows you to concentrate on your business as whole, your campaigns, and goals while partnering with a company that gives you not only a premium and cost-effective service but also access to the benefits and opportunities that come with our strong and growing mobile ecosystem. All this, while getting to market on-time and in-sync with your other business and marketing efforts.

6. Our Ecosystem

It’s something that’s large and growing that has a multitude of benefits and opportunities when you tap into it. Our ecosystem includes our master architecture platform, including our industry-specific platforms such as MusicHub, along with our mobile clients, tools, and apps, coupled with our long term relationships with the world’s largest mobile operators, handset manufacturers, wireless technology companies, media companies and consumer brands.

7. Comprehensive Distribution

Whether it’s regional, national or international markets from the established and fast-developing markets from the Americas to Asia, we have the access, the relationships, and in in some key regions our own offices. Whether you need to publish and distribute your apps through the multiple app stores that can exist for a single OS such as Android, and also if you need distribution across the key mobile operators and handset manufactures stores.  

8. Our Approach

We’re very different from many of the app consulting and developer companies out there, and although we have built great technology we know it’s not only all about that technology, it’s how we couple our thinking along with it to maximize your business objectives and goals. We lead with our understanding of your brand, business, marketing and company and customer culture. We then match your target audience to the platforms that matter, and then move on to build custom apps to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile strategy while leveraging the native strengths across each of your desired smart-phone, tablet and feature-phone platforms.