Your Mobile Team

Whether you are a Brand, Agency, Operator or OEM we have tailored and flexible solutions and services to assist you in rapidly growing your business through mobile.


Brands & Agencies

Enjoy full creative license without the complexity, risk, cost and time usually associated with cross-platform deployment.

  • Create or Expand Mobile Presence
  • Run Mobile Promotions
  • Integrate Mobile into Campaigns
  • Always on Connection
  • Deeper Consumer Engagement
  • Expand Communities
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty


Think of eMbience as your go-to mobile division, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, while enhancing the overall offering by the marrying of your goals and expectations with our technology, strategy and experience.

Operators & OEMs

We bring a rich and extensive experience to provide you scalable and proven turnkey solutions to expand your offerings, including:

  • Relevant & Compelling Lifestyle Apps
  • High Quality White-Label Solutions
  • Fully Bespokable Media Portal
  • Media-Rich Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel & Social Marketing
  • Subscriber Community Portals
  • Loyalty Programs


eMpower, Engage & Entertain…Grow, Attract & Retain your subscriber and customer bases with eMphatic commercial, brand building & long term benefits.